Personal Protection

                       Stryker Foundation LLC will provide personal protect to who ever feels the need they need it.  We will provide either sole protection or as an adjunct to other in place security. Our team is well versed in the fundamentals of protecting individuals or small groups. We can arrange secured transportation to and from anywhere you need to go, itinerary management, and route assessment planning. Stryker Foundation LLC also can set you up not only with personal protection,  but also uniformed or plain clothes officers to accompany you during your time of need. We will take care of all your security needs from start to finish.

                      Should you need protection from threat, Stryker Foundation LLC will help you address your concerns related to your safety. Whether you are seeking protection because you feel you are at risk or just need extra protection, let the highly-trained security agents of Stryker Foundation LLC be your first line of defense. We provide protection for all your personal and security protection needs.Agents of our company are highly adept when it comes to providing comprehensive personal protection with full discretion and prevention.


                     Stryker Foundation LLC is composed of a team of protective agents that provide close protection, agents are armed as well as a security staff that possesses extensive experience and training. We make sure that our security services will accommodate to all of your close protection and security needs. These serivces are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have you covered.