There is a lot to consider when looking into hiring a security company and security team. You need to make sure they are extremely knowledgeable and skilled as well as engaged and vigilant. You also want to know they have a solid reputation. You will find Stryker Foundation LLC embodies everything you look for in a security company and more.

All of our security guards and agents are highly trained, receiving continual instruction on strategies and procedures as well as laws and regulations that govern the industry. We find it pays to have high standards, and that is something you will notice and certainly agree with. When Stryker Foundation LLC was started, the owners wanted to be sure to give all the clients what they pay for. With the times changing Stryker Foundation LLC still believes in giving 110% to every client no matter how big or small. When you hire us you will see, we will not give you a warm body in a uniform. You will get an officer who knows his job and how to do it 100%. No other company will offer a guarantee like we will!!

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